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Never alone

Sometimes ...
when the world's
not on your side
you don't know where to run to
you don't know where to hide

You gaze at the stars in the sky
at the mountains so high
through the tears in your eyes
looking for a reason to replace what is gone

Just remember, remember
That you are never alone..

you are never alone
you are never alone
just reach into your heart and
Allah is always there
you are never alone
Through sorrow and through grief
Through happiness and peace
you are never alone

So now,

As long for your past
Prepare for your future

But knowing nothing gonna last
You see
This life is but a road
A straight and narrow path
To our final obode
So travel well o Muslim and
Paradise will be your home
and always remember
you are never alone

You are never alone
Just reach into your heart and
Allah is always there..
you are never alone..